Long Lasting & Safe:

New shops frequently open & close, but Pussycats has stood the test of time! We are the only lingerie modeling establishment with 3 locations & have been #1 in Portland for almost 15 years! We are also one of the only shops that keeps our doors locked 24 hours a day, for both our models & our customers piece of mind & safety. You can truly relax while you're at Pussycats knowing your time & attention will not be interrupted!

Honest &Transparent:

Our prices are clearly stated on our site, so you know what to expect. We have also kept classic lingerie modeling prices, between $100 & $120 to start your private show. More & more often shops are jacking up their pricing to start the same basic strip tease show, not cool! Other shops do not list prices on their site to lure you in & then hit you with surprisingly high, unreasonable rates! Other shops have resorted to posting fake "discounts" in an attempt to make you feel you're getting a deal when you're not & even requiring you to get a "quote" just to know what to expect. None of these practices are honest or transparent! 

No Bait & Switch:

Unlike our competitors we DO NOT photo shop or use filters on our models photos. Our models are genuinely beautiful, no need to bait & switch! We love & appreciate the diversity in our models & understand that our clients have different preferences in appearance, style & personalities. At Pussycats we provide a little of everything! We have tall, petite, thin & curvy, blondes, brunettes & everything in between, some with tattoos & piercing & others who are tattoo & piercing free. 


All ethnicities are welcome at Pussycats, we have everything from East Indian, Asian, Brazilian, African American, Guatemalan, Mexican, Pacific Islander & of course, your All American beauties. We have high standards & expectations, only keeping models who are friendly, personable & clean from all drugs & alcohol abuse! Unfortunately other shop owners do not keep this standard, potentially finding yourself in an uncomfortable & unsafe situations with dirty, incoherent, models who will rip you off!

We understand you deserve the best when you're spending your hard earned money. So don't worry, at Pussycats you will be well taken care of! We are simply the most transparent, honest, safest shops with of course the hottest models! Come in today & see for yourself, we truly appreciate your business!

XOXO ~ Pussycats


Thanks for checking out our models! We have many more gorgeous girls you may check out in person anytime, you won't be disappointed in our selection!
New photos are added often so keep checking back for more!

Handicap & wheelchair accessible. Discreet ATM's & parking. 
Pussycats, Atlas Entertainment & PussycatsPortlandLLC. does not promote or condone prostitution or any other illegal activity. Please NO soliciting.

Safety is our #1 priority for our models & customers.  24 hour on site security. 24/7 live audio/video business monitoring surveillance, security alarms, silent alarms.